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Our Different Services

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One-off services

  • Due to a geographical change:

- Reception of your move

- Implementation of the various contracts: electricity, gas, water,  telephone/internet, remote monitoring...

- Organization of the delivery/receipt of your furniture orders  

  • Due to a professional or personal trip:  

- Collection of mail & copy sent to your email address at your request

- Watering of plants

- Control of your property once a week or more, if bad weather  

- Opening, follow-up of files & organization of appointments with insurance experts in the event of water damage, for example

- Quote request for repairs

Annual Services

- Collect of all letters & sending by e-mail

- Reading & communication of the various meters: electricity, water, gas (gas control)

- Receipt of parcels, orders, & registered mail

- Online tax payment

- Implementation or renewal of the various contracts: garden maintenance, swimming pool, insurance & remote monitoring

- Drafting of CESU for housekeepers

- Coordination with the housekeepers, gardener, swimming pool specialist, caretaker...

- Carry out food shopping & put it away

- Control of properties once a week or more if bad weather  

- Organization of appointments with insurance experts

- Organization of septic tank emptying and checkup 

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Tailor-made services

You have special requests that require personalized research, we will put you in contact with specialists from our network. Here are some examples:

- Baby sitter

- Piano tuner

- Sports teachers: golf, tennis, swimming

- Caterer

- Prestigious places

- Reservation of a music group 


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